Last Updated: June 7, 2014

How to top in exams ? (Mantra for Getting Top Rank in Exam)

This is a divine mantra of Lord Ram; it has been taken from the Ramcharitmanas. It has been recited 108 times in a day or at least 21 times. This is blessing of god and really working, chant this mantra and feel the effects.

Question in every student and the competitor mind that "What will we do for getting top in the Exam and what the strategy applying to top rank in exam". Students are creating many strategies and rules to get top rank but they aren't success.

But we are forget the most important thing that depend on the mental power. It is the spirituality.
The spirituality, It is the most powerful element in our life and it connects all world by directly or indirectly.

So, believe in the power of god and concentrate on your goal. Use this mantra to get top rank in any kind of exam. As per my knowledge this is the real power and blessing of god. The mantra is follows.

Guru Griha Gaye Padhan  Raghurayi ।
Alp  Kaal  Vidhya  sab  payi ॥

 गुरु   गृह  गए  पढ़न  रघुराई ।
अल्प काल विद्या सब  आई ॥

Method: - The continuous chanting of mantras is essential and you must be chanting this mantra at least 20 times before studying. Do attention of Lord Ram while chanting this mantra to effective soon. The brain will becomes powerful by this mantra and rapidly increases power of memory.


  1. if we chant the mantra before exam 108 tyms will it work?

    1. Those who help themself god help them.without 1% knowledge you can't get 99% with chanting mantra yes some spiritual power is there but they see that u need that success or not without any reason

    2. Yes it's best

  2. So, is it 20 or 21 times?

  3. Thanks for this it is very helpful