Last Updated: June 8, 2014

Best Mantra For Meditation (Hare Krishna - Maha Mantra)

This mantra is a great holy and devotional mantra; it is used to worship of god Krishna and Rama.It isn't an ordinary spells, it have been considered as the maha-mantra of sixteen words according to Veda, Purana and holy texts. 

Last Updated: June 7, 2014

How to Travel Safely (Mantra for Safe Travel)

This is a powerful protection mantra which is used to safe traveling without obstacles and accidents. It has to be recited 108 times to get effective results. This is a devotional Hindu mantra for traveling safe in the entire world, it is the mantra of Lord Krishna.

Mantra To Get Married Soon

Marriage is the most beautiful event in everyone's life, and everyone's (Both men and women) wants a best life partner. We are providing some effective mantra to get marry soon, these mantra are help to find the right kind of life partner. These mantra will definitely remove any of the interruption in between marriage.

How to top in exams ? (Mantra for Getting Top Rank in Exam)

This is a divine mantra of Lord Ram; it has been taken from the Ramcharitmanas. It has been recited 108 times in a day or at least 21 times. This is blessing of god and really working, chant this mantra and feel the effects.

Last Updated: June 6, 2014

How To Make Enemies as Friends

This mantra is very effective to make enemies as good friend, It has been taken from Ramcharitmanas. Chanting of this mantra, enemy seems to behavior as friend.

A question will occur in everyone's mind after reading this article - what's the purpose of turns enemy as friend ? or what's the benefits from make enemy as friend ?.

Mantra for Success in Interview

This is an impressive and effective mantra to get success in any kind of interview, especially for a impressive work or success. Anyway to success in an interview anyone must also be good speaker with knowledge.

Many times it happens that, you are speak well on a topic but could not explain in detail then you are considered to be weaker. Therefore, the best explanation skills of knowledge is necessary to success in the interview. It's totally depends on self confidence and attention.

Universal Strategy - Worldly people's perception

Nowadays people's concept and philosophy has totally changed about god and his perception. They are thinking about modern culture and creating a dynamic routine in their daily life but they don't satisfied in reality. they are living tense for work and time.

There are two types of people in the world. First is selfish, which is only concerned with his work and do not care of others. Such People become oblivious to knowing everything and they do not reaction for injustice or evil on others. Second types of people seems wealth and fascination or illusory trap everything on this world and they are suspect about god exist.

Last Updated: June 5, 2014

Mantra for Destroying Enemies

This is an extremely strong and effective mantra of god Ram to destroy enemies. Lord ram is described as the personification of god Vishnu and it is known as Lord Ram.

This powerful mantra is from Ramcharitmanas. You will definitely get rid from enemies and evils sight by chanting this manta. This is considered as most powerful mantras to destroying enemies. Chant and recite this mantra 108 times in a day to get effects of this mantra.